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AG KidMin Discipleship Pathway

“A Spirit-empowered disciple is a lifelong follower of Jesus.”

Lifelong learners and followers

This is our model: living like Christ in community as He forms us into Spirit-led, lifelong learners and followers. This is our goal for every student and leader.

As you lead your kids ministry on this pathway, AG Kidmin wants to partner with you by providing resources, strategies, and practical solutions to help you meet your ministry goals.

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Disciples love and understand God’s Big Story. They begin to trust what God’s Word says, obey it, and understand that God made them for a purpose.

Now What? For Kids Booklets

Bible Engagement Project

Radiant Life Curriculum

Junior Bible Quiz

FireBible Devotionals

Faithcase Curriculum

Royal Rangers

mPact Clubs

Holy Spirit

Bible Engagement Project

League of Investigators

Now What? For Kids Booklets

Disciples are born again, understand that the Holy Spirit is God, understand His roles (Comforter, Teacher, etc.), sense God’s presence, and are beginning to learn how to hear God’s voice and exercise their gifts.


Disciples learn to connect to God through prayer by talking to God, listening to God, and telling God how they feel and what they need, expecting Him to move.

Boys and Girls Missionary Challenge

Back to School Prayer Guides

“ Let’s partner together and meet your ministry goals.”


Disciples know God uniquely designed each person and has a plan for them. They seek to share their faith, discover their purpose, and care for others. They develop an awareness, love, and appreciation for all people.

Hydrate Training

Mega Sports Camp

Momentum Training

Boys and Girls Missionary Challenge

Called Kidmin


Fun Arts

Kids Camps

Disciples experience God as they begin to respond to Him in worship, showing how much they love Him and want to obey Him. They understand that God is worthy of their worship because of who He is.


Disciples understand the meaning and importance of serving and understand that God has a plan to save all people so they may serve Him and each other.

Boys and Girls Missionary Challenge

Now What? For Kids Booklets

Called Kidmin


Boys and Girls Missionary Challenge

Disciples develop a heart of compassion for all people that leads to generosity and learn to freely share possessions and God’s love with others.